The No Border Camp in Münster will take place simultaneously to the no border camp in Thessaloniki, from the 15th to the 24th of July.
We believe in freedom of movement for everyone as well as in freedom to stay and live in any particular place. We don’t want any borders, we want to open the borders of nations as well as the borders set up by the law and the borders in our minds. We dont’ want any borders that crush human rights and stop us from living together!

The No Border Camp will take place in a self-organized, anti-hierarchical and consensual way.
At the same time, we take in consideration that also left-winged structures are surrounded by borders. Therefor we advocate that the political should remain up for dispute and should take place in a space which is error-friendly. However: racist, sexist, homophobic or other discriminating and insulting behaviour is a no-go!

We strongly believe that everyone has it’s own talents and skills and would like to invite you openly to participate. So if you know someone who knows someone, if you’re eager to cook, play with children, invite the neighborhood, do media, translate, do workshop, bring positive energy, network, organize something or anything else – great! If you just wanna have a look and get inspired, that’s also cool.

Let’s work together in order to develop alternatives of solidarity and lets start to live them instead of remain only dreaming of a better world and just criticizing the existing one! If you already have some ideas for workshops, events, raging concerts, fantastic parties over anything else – great! Start organizing it right now! Otherwise – pack your bag with good friends, smart contacts, ideas, sparkling enthusiasm, camping equipment and burning hearts and:

Yalla – Let’s camp!

We use an mailing list for the communication about the preparation. If you wanna be on  that list, just write an email to our email:
nobordercamp-ms [ät] riseup.net